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This is a creature of sensuality, with bite...


Combining grit n grace is the quite essential dose of Holly X, an elegant yet striking tease with an audacious and flirtatious concoction of convicted charm and movement. Since becoming Nineteen Ten's original burlesque performer, this award-winning artist and producer's prominence excelled by working with High Wire entertainment and taking Adelaide by storm debuting a 4 n half star sell-out production called 'GRIT'. 

With her insatiable thirst and propelled by her fervour, she performed, produced, coached and travelled overseas.

Her desire for theatrics, dance, circus, erotica and aesthetics has inevitably moulded a unique amalgamation of her skill, with a gritty touch, for all of you to enjoy.

Charmingly devising her expression through sound, character and dance, this sensualist is an unstoppable visionary. 

There are no limitations for her, yet an infinite exploration of artistic expression for this thirsty femme that always seeks more.

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